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Relationship and Kindness are the Kings of peace
To build up close relation and communication with international students and their families who are living mainly in Kanagawa prefecture, hoping their lives in Japan fruitful by supporting their daily lives in many ways.
@Private@Japanese@Lessons, Visits for Study to Plants and Cultural Spots,Various Exchange Programs, Foreign Language Classes.@
Foundation  :  April 1999       Establishment as NPO  : April 2009  
Members  : Approx.110 persons   Registered Students   : Approx.140 persons
Registration Fee for Students  : Free
Office :@  NPO RKK
@@@@@9-1-12-407,Yayoidai,Izumi-ku,Yokohama,Kanagawa,245-0008 Japan
Chairperson : Mr.T.Fukami
Office staff; Mr. A.Hagiwara TEL/FAX 045-813-8327;   E-mail:rkk1025office@yahoo.co.jp
Social tour with international students No.72 canceled

Revised on Feb. 24th 2020

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If you are interested in our activities and wish to be a member, please fill in the application form which is available by clicking the button gApplication Form CLICKh.
The application documents shall be passed or mailed to an RKK staff in charge of registration. You will be provided with RKK publications and services upon registration. 

RKK staff:  Mrs. K.Tsuda
@@@@@   1-20-19,Shodo,Sakae-ku,Yokohama,Kanagawa, 247-0022 Japan
         @@TEL/FAXF045-892-0432  E-mail:sakura_tudakei@ybb.ne.jp

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